In Civil litigation we aim to resolve such disputes as, family law disputes, court custody cases, matters involving child support payments, disputes between individuals and credit card companies, disputes involving landlord and tenants, as well as situations that involve a breach of contract. 

Our team of Lawyers is made up of experienced litigators with skills of practice in civil litigation who will represent you or your party in a trial, a hearing, or a form of alternative resolution method to be heard by administrative agencies, tribunals or our Kenyan Law courts

We represent in disputes and laws that encompass landlords and tenants, environmental law, products liability, intellectual property disputes, construction, medical malpractice, employment and labor issues, anti-trust laws, real estate, worker’s compensation, and education law. .

KIDIAVAI & Co. ADVOCATES is the quality mark for criminal lawyers. Our legal experts can offer advice and representation on all areas of criminal law, including:

  • what to do when you've been charged with an offence
  • when you've been caught speeding
  • when you're facing a ban
  • when you've been wrongfully arrested
  • representation at a police station
  • representation at a magistrates court
  • Tell us about any problems as soon as they arise