The company law, corporate finance and company management issues i.e. company administration, organisation of a business, insolvency, sale of shares and business, Mergers, Acquisitions and Joint ventures, public companies issues and tax compliance and regulation. We prepare Trusts (commercial and equitable/ charitable) for clients for purposes of protecting their assets.

We also prepare other legal and commercial documents such as deed polls for change of name, powers of attorney, affidavits and statutory declarations, wills and codicils, sale and transfers of motor vehicle, confidentiality agreements, teaming agreements, dispute resolution and settlement agreements, technology licensing agreements, joint venture and profit sharing agreements, partnership agreements, computer and internet agreements, agency and distribution agreements, supply of goods and services contracts, franchising contracts, leasing and hiring contracts, consumer credit agreements, outsourcing contracts and other commercial contracts which our clients require from time to time.

We certify documents and witness signatures. We also represent clients in corporate law matters and advise on a variety of issues including: Company formation and registration of other business entities e.g. partnerships, trust corporations and funds. In this regard the firm has registered numerous companies and other business entities. Capital structuring and reorganizations Debt and equity financing, where we offer guidance on the laws to be complied with on the issue of listed or unlisted debt and equity securities Drafting and registering financial instruments for the raising of debt finance Advice on liability of shareholders, board members and company officers Winding up of companies.


Insurance Law encompasses auto insurance, business insurance, disability and health insurance, life insurance, viaticals, and more. If you have questions about an insurance policy, need advice about a claim, or have another insurance question, find the answers and information you need by writing back to us