Cashflow is the lifeblood of your business. If the cash stops flowing your business may struggle to stay alive - even if you are trading profitably. Every Business faces significant risk when extending credit to customers which can result in a large impact on cash flow if not collected and managed correctly. We at Law Debt Collection Limited offer products and services that assist in managing your credit facilities and limiting your exposure to credit risk.

We specialise in Commercial Recoveries, Domestic Recoveries, Insolvency Recoveries and Order Enforcement. At Kidiavai & Co. Advocates we understand that no two accounts are the same. That is why your accounts get assigned to an Account Manager who will manage and oversee all work that is carried out on your files.

There is a standard process that all accounts follow to a degree (eg: credit defaults being lodged against the debtors credit history) but we believe that this alone is not enough your account requires more personalised attention. We are not a call centre based collection agency, we are action based. The benefit of having an account manager is that our experienced account managers will make informed decisions to get the best result for your account that a full charter based system simply could not achieve.

This also means that your account is always being handled by the same person which helps with our ability to be consistent with our enforcement and it means that if you would like to discuss the account with someone you will be speaking to one person that has all of the facts available to them.